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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Karl Marx and Communism

I did a presentation on Karl Marx and the Communist Manifesto last week for a class. For the research I discovered that he wrote it for the Communist League in Belgium (partly because he got kicked out of Germany and France for his hard stance) in 1848. The League was disbanded in 1851, leaving Marx to the dustbin of obscurity for a time. Its popularity did not take off until the 1880s and then there were the revolutions in the 1917 in Russia, the Near East in the 1920s, 1949 in China, and the 1960s on US campi. This was all very interesting.

Communism at its core is anti-imperialist and anti-class. But those who joined the revolution joined another form of imperialism: that of Communism. The Egyptian Communists hoped that the Red and Sickle flag would soon fly over Cairo and replace the flag that was already there. Communism's Empire would spread over much of the world. This is a very scary thought.

But I wish to bring to attention what this means for Canada. Because we have this sense of guilt (imagined more than real), our government chooses not to impose Canadian "values" on its immigrants and even native born. This means that no one is really required to learn English (French is another matter), get jobs, integrate into society, or follow the law. This led to a severe case of "welfare state"-ism and low-grade morals.

It is not appreciative when one lives in such a loose country. I hope someday it will get better.


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